Going out in Antwerp

Are you considering going out in Antwerp? The local nightlife offers plenty of options. The neighbourhood of the Grote Markt en de Grote Pieterpotstraat has numerous bars and attractive hotspots. Try out a few and don’t forget to sing a

Summer of Antwerp

Hooray! Our yearly summer city festival is (almost) back in town. This week they, de Zomer van Antwerpen, have announced their program. Theater, live music, circus and much more will flow through Antwerp and light the city up like a

The Kogge

Some weeks ago, Cyclant was able to visit “De Kogge”, a remarkably interesting medieval ship, found in the harbour in 2000. A “Kogge” is a tradeship that could carry up to 100 tons and was often used by the German

Thank you!

At the beginning of our social week, we had set the goal on raising enough money to buy a bike for farmers in Mozambique. But thanks to the big response we got, we’ve been able to not only support the

Summer bars

Summer’s finally in town and we are surely glad about it! Though the breeze on the bike cools you off, it’s always good stopping and having a cool drink. In Antwerp we”re lucky to have many summer bars. The Cargo