• Zuiderterras

You are looking for a bike tour for your company? Planning a team event of a company visit? Cyclant likes working on demand. We have a wide and numerous experience working B2B. We understand your need for clear but flexible agreements. In our form you will find the answers to a good number of your questions, but don’t hesitate to contact us via phone (+32 3 232 01 09) or email.

Would you like to combine your bike tour with a nice lunch or another activity? No problem, the are plenty of top shelf restaurants and bars in Antwerp. We will gladly give you advice on places to drink or dine. Are you looking for a suitable activity for you and your colleagues? Antwerp has numerous options: a brewery visit, a chocolate or beer tasting, an escape room, city golf… Don’t hesitate to ask us more about these activities, we know who makes the difference in their field.

Is your company hosting guests in Antwerp? We have been organizing several hospitality events and we adore it. We can pick up guests at their hotel, take them on a bike ride and enjoy a nice, local lunch together or drop them off at the restaurant of your choice. Anything is possible. We very much enjoy receiving visitors, showing them our beautiful city and making them feel at home.