We are a young company providing guided bike rides in and around Antwerp with absolute customer satisfaction as our prime goal. We will show you the city where we live and work, where we were born and raised. We are locally based but we know the world. Far away exotic places, world cities, vast nature, we’re no strangers to it. This keeps us on our toes and dreaming. We are not blind for the faults our proud city undeniably has. We want to show you Antwerp as it is, without covering something but by emphasising the gorgeous spots.

As lifelong bikers we try to think ecologically as much as possible and to find a local solution for every challenge. Our bikes are Belgian made and repaired in the city itself. Our flyers are printed one bike ride away and the design is done next door. Also our working gear is silkscreened in Antwerp and done on CO²-neutral eco-certified cotton.

We hope we can serve you, or your group or company, to your full satisfaction. We would like to show you the city of Antwerp in the most comfortable way.