We have four tours on offer.  One for those who are  new or not-so-new to Antwerp, called Marnix. Do you have less time or have you arrived in the morning and you wish to start exploring in the afternoon? Join our Rockox tour in the afternoon. One for those know the city center or just want to get out and enjoy green parks and turn-of-the-century neighbourhoods: Craeybeckx. And finally we explore the amazing port of Antwerp on the Van Rijswijck ride.


  • Op de vrijdagmarkt

On Marnix, our main inner city tour, we take you on a complete 14 km tour. From the majestic South to the developing waterfront in the north and everything and more in between. On your comfortable bike you will experience many different viewpoints, small leftover medieval streets, Golden Age grand styles, refined turn of the century art nouveau and contemporary city development with a touch.

Between the links with the past, we amaze ourselves daily with the ongoing changes of today. Another new interesting coffee shop or concept store, an old building unveiling  it’s secrets through renovation. We love to sample a never heard-of beer during our break, or chat without limits about food and culture.

On this tour you will get a complete image of Antwerp, past and present, much wider than just cathedral and city hall, but still focussed to be comprehensible. If you would like to explore more, you will leave with plenty of tips and tricks of places, bars or museums to visit. Above all we like to have fun and enjoy ourselves, and you. We ride at a very relaxed speed and try to accommodate to everyone’s wishes.

Please make your reservation through our app until 30 minutes before departure. Payment is possible online or after the tour. We start from our office very close to Antwerp central station. Price € 23 / € 21 Duration 3 hours.


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  • Op de vrijdagmarkt

Our Rockox tour shows you the most important gems of the city. During this two hour trip we ride from the station area to the city center. We’ll discover the old port, now a thriving neighbourhood in full transition. History and modernity walk hand in hand. On our comfortable bikes we also visit quiter spots, for example the lovely left bank of the river. Here you can enjoy a fantastic view.

This tour always starts in the afternoon at 15.00 h. We want morning arrivals to have the chance the explore the city the same day. The Rockox tour establishes yourself in the city and opens your eyes to discover new things later.

Please make your reservation through our app until 30 minutes before departure. Payment is possible online or after the tour. We start from our office very close to Antwerp central station. Price € 18 / € 16 Duration 2 hours.


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  • Zurenborg - De vier seizoenen

Parks, sculptures and architecture

On Craeybeckx we first ride east to Belle Epoque-quarter Zurenborg. This famous area holds an abundance of turn of the century modernist mansions. We give you our local’s view of styles and detail. Some top dining or drinking places to be revealed.

Next we head for a trio of parks with each a different approach. Middelheim is a renowned open air museum for sculptures and installations. It is an ongoing collection of fine arts from the 20th and 21st century, displaying names such as Rodin, Rik Wouters, Luc Deleu, Erwin Wurm. We will take you along some of the top pieces.

Park Den Brand, around a nice castle, has some majestic trees and some equally majestic villas around it’s perimeter. Underground we’ll find world war two air defense bunkers. From here we head to the world fair grounds of 1930 which left some both fragile and resistant buildings. We top off with with a ride back into the inner city’s classy South, finishing where we started: end of the nineteenth century, but even grander than Zurenborg.

Alongside all the historical marvel we enjoy our relaxed bike ride and are happy to escape the busy center for a while. As always, there is plenty of time for questions or side stories. We will stop in due time for a break with a chance of a hot coffee or a sample of one of Belgium’s famous beers.

ReservationOn request.

Duration: About 3,5 hours,  including a break. Approximately 14 km.

Price: € 150,- for the guide, € 8,- per bike.

Van Rijswijck

  • Het Steen

The port of Antwerp, now and before

Our newest tour is called Van Rijswijck and it brings you to the port of Antwerp. With a surface over 13.000 ha, about 20.000 football fields, it is enormous. But don’t worry, we will limit ourselves to the most interesting parts. This will certainly include sights and places that will surprise even inhabitants of Antwerp.

The route takes you through the neighbourhood of the old port, a district in full transition. Abandoned  industrial land, century old warehouses are turned to livingquarters and recreational areas. Weather-beaten cobblestones are cleaned and brightly announce a new era, gentrification is really palpable here.

Of course we’ll show you the modern port too. The second largest port in Europa brings you giant seaships, impressive cranes and hundreds of km’s of rail. Be ready to be amazed. Antwerp wouldn’t be the same without this permanent umbilical cord to the rest of the world. Wonder about the leftover clock towers right in the middle of containers and freight carriers, remains of the old villages that used to be here.

We are not going to reach the Dutch border, but this tour is slightly longer than our other ones. The 18 plus kilometres will be cycled at a moderate pace so we’ll have time to enjoy the scenery. We will pause at the bend of the river with a lovely and rare view of the city.

Reservation: On request.

Duration: About 3 hours. Approximately 18 km.

Price: € 150,- for the guide, € 8,- per bike.