Guided Tours



Discover the entire city from North to South.


The much beloved Marnix Bike Tour offers a good overview of the inner city. From the majestic South, all the way up to the waterfront developments in the North, you’ll experience local history at its best. A tour that fuses past with present at a modest cycling speed.





Ride Through Europe’s Second Largest Port.


The second largest port in Europe, the true economic heart of the city, is vast uncharted territory for many locals. We’ll take you on a pleasant bike ride from the old harbor to the modern port. Giant ships, impressive cranes and a pinch of history in an 18km tour.




Discover Our Urban Development And The Architectural Beauty Of Antwerp.


The last couple of years Antwerp has started to transform itself into a real 21st century city. Numerous building sites, reconversions and combinations of old and new buildings speak to the imagination. Contact us for a customized guided bike tour around the Antwerp of tomorrow.


Architecture tour guide



Visit The Oldest Brewery In Town.


Spoil your taste buds with amber colored fluid and learn something about the oldest brewery in town. Visit the De Koninck Brewery for a walk through the history of beer making and discover the superb Belle Epoque district nearby on a lovely bike tour.




Escape the City Centre


Escape the city centre and embark on a tour through our green parks. First we cycle between the modernist mansions of Zurenborg, pass by the open-air sculpture museum of Middelheim and end our bike ride at the majestic Park Den Brand, located around a nice castle.




Surprise Us With Your Suggestions.


If you just want to do it your way, you can get in touch with us for a custom-made guided bike tour in an Antwerp area of your choice. Literature, sports, history… Amaze us with a theme of your choice and we’ll build a bike tour with perfect guide around it.