What’s the price of a bike tour?

Our regular public tours are € 27 per person, including guide and bike. For private tours, you pay an hourly fee for the guide and a rental price per bike.

What about rain?

When it rains, we put on raincoats and continue cycling with a smile. When the weather is really bad, the tour gets postponed.

Where are you located?

Our shop is in the Antwerp Central Station, just next to the main building. You’ll see a green flag next to the taxi stand. Google maps pinpoints us quite exactly.

What kind of bikes do you have?

There are 80 city bikes, 4 (electric) cargo bike, 12 trekking bikes, 2 bamboo bikes & 1 folding bike.

Are there children’s bikes too?

Yes, we have a kid’s bike (frame size 36 cm with 24″ wheels) suited for children around 11. Younger kids can jump in the cargo bike or in a kid’s seat on the adult’s bike. There’s a small bike for three year olds, but it isn’t suited for long trips.

What is your business information?

Our VAT number is BE0541348783 and our registered office is at Pelikaanstraat 3 – 1050, 2018 Antwerpen.

Trekking bike trip Antwerp – Charleroi

Trekking bike trip Antwerp – Charleroi

Low season means we ourselves get the opportunity to head out with the trekking bike. We gladly take on the autumn weather. And of course the wet and windy circumstances don’t pose any problem for our Santos Travelmaster 2.8 and the accompanying Ortlieb panniers.

Together with Maarten I cycled from Antwerp to Charleroi in three days, not riding to many km’s per day. The part from Mechelen to Leuven following the Dijle river was very nice. Here you ride on the long distance bike route Kunststedenroute. The second day we mostly conquered the woods of the Meerdaalwoud and the Zoniënwoud under Brussels, very pretty! The last day, after sightseeing the huge shipelevators of  Ronquèires, we followed the old and later the new canal between Charleroi and Brussels. At first lovely and quiet, then lots of impressive industry.

The comfort and the reliability of our Santos trekking bikes were underlined by this trip. Wet or dry ground, asphalt or gravel or throught the woods, it was all good. The direct train back to Antwerp Central Station was an added bonus. Interested to cycle in Belgium yourself? Let us know and rent your own travelbike!

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