What’s the price of a bike tour?

Our regular public tours are € 25 per person, including guide and bike. For private tours, you pay an hourly fee for the guide and a rental price per bike.

What about rain?

When it rains, we put on raincoats and continue cycling with a smile. When the weather is really bad, the tour gets postponed.

Where are you located?

Our shop is in the Antwerp Central Station, just next to the main building. You’ll see a green flag next to the taxi stand. Google maps pinpoints us quite exactly.

What kind of bikes do you have?

There are 70 city bikes, 4 electric bikes, 2 cargo bike and 14 trekking bikes.

Are there children’s bikes too?

Yes, we have a kid’s bike (frame size 36 cm with 24″ wheels) suited for children around 11. Younger kids can jump in the cargo bike or in a kid’s seat on the adult’s bike. There’s a small bike for three year olds, but it isn’t suited for long trips.

What is your business information?

Our VAT number is BE0541348783 and our registered office is at Pelikaanstraat 3 – 1050, 2018 Antwerpen.

Bike Rental

Our dependable bike for everyday are Belgian made in accordance with local safety regulations. The steel frame gives you a comfortable feel and comes in different sizes, the tires are virtually puncture-proof. The front and back light are powered by a hub dynamo and every bike comes with a sturdy lock. You can also borrow a helmet or a children’s seat.

Start renting from € 14

Made in Germany, our e-Victoria’s are the Mercedes-Benz among electric bikes. The 400 watt motor will take you long distances at a top speed of 26 km/h. Magura oil-pressure brakes and suspension make sure you are comfortable and safe.

Start renting from € 30. (We ask for a credit card deposit.)

Elektrische fiets

This Amsterdam-made beast carries up to 4 little children and will serve you very well around the city. Ideal for a day trip with the whole family or to bring a sizable picknick to a remote spot along the river.

We also have a bike trailer which can seat two kids. The safest on the market: German engineering from Kids Touring.

Start renting from € 35

Our Santos trekking bikes are top quality and will bring you anywhere without worries. A Rohloff 14 gear hub with belt, POS-lighting and Magura brakes, say no more. Bike paniers are optional at € 1 per day. Always welcome for a testride.

Start renting from € 30

Trekking fiets

Our friends at Geppetto bicycles constructed this lightweight but sturdy frame in the neighborhood of Borgerhout. We added quality parts and our bamboo racer was born. This beautiful hybrid is perfect for cruising the city or touring in the port or the countryside.

Start renting from € 20