Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Our VAT number is BE0541348783 and our registered office is at Pelikaanstraat 3 bus 1050, 2018 Antwerpen.

Yes, we have a kid’s bike (frame size 36 cm with 24″ wheels) suited for children around 11. Younger kids can jump in the cargo bike or in a kid’s seat on the adult’s bike. There’s a small bike for three year olds, but it isn’t suited for long trips.

There are plenty of city bikes, 4 cargo bikes, 2 children’s bikes, 1 family tandem, 1 longtail and the best gravel and trekking bikes in the world.

Our shop is in the Antwerp Central Station, just next to the main building. You’ll see a green flag next to the taxi stand. Google maps pinpoints us quite exactly.

When it rains, we put on (biodegradable) raincoats and continue cycling with a smile. When the weather is really bad, the tour gets postponed.

Our regular public tours are € 25 per person, including guide and bike. For private tours, you pay an hourly fee for the guide and a rental price per bike.